The Environment Matters to Church

Why believe Bible? God made a universe of astounding beauty, variety and sophistication that is most completely understood through environmental categories said Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. For most Christians, this could signify a worldview change.

Since life is much more than physical, enlarge ecology to imply the analysis of life forms with regard to one another and their environment, both bodily and spiritual. Christians know the realities and affects our own lives are religious in addition to physical.

The Ecosystem

An ecosystem is the totality of living things within a specific circumstance in their interdependence with each other and with their spiritual and physical atmosphere. Ecosystems vary from miniature to cosmic: everything which God has created. But maybe not even the smallest is irrelevant, for ecology is about the interrelationship of all no exceptions. Nothing excluded.

The Spiritual-Physical Truth

  • Life and vitality. Ecology is all about life, and life is all about energy.
  • All power comes from God.
  • Humankind is a mixture of matter and soul in continuous discussion.

We’re physical-spiritual-social beings. In God’s reality, soul and matter aren’t opposites or aliens. Physical reality is a dimensionally restricted portion of religious fact.

Each ecosystem is in regular, gradually or rapidly. Tomorrow differs from yesterday and today if minutely. All living animals have a life cycle. Meanwhile the inert sections of production also change because of weather, time and the activity of living things. Tomorrow that amazing mountain or seacoast will probably be slightly different.

As a portion of this established order, people are continuously changing emotionally. Change may be slow or abrupt; not. This simple fact derives from God himself, Triune Creator, that in 1 sense is changeless but nevertheless is lively, full of energy that is transformative.

We are constantly changing both emotionally and physically –interactively involving mind, body, soul, will, other men and women, ground and its atmosphere and its animals. Food or lack thereof affects your soul in addition to the earth and its animals, where food comes.

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