Inventions that are cleaning our oceans

Pollution had always been a hot topic around the world. While we try our best to protect ourselves from dangers of pollution like gas masks to protect us from air pollutants, outdoor umbrella to protect us from too much heat, it is not the core solution to the problem. The fact is that our environment is being ruined due to various reasons and actions being done by our fellowmen.

Plants, landforms, animals, air, and bodies of water are being destroyed slowly as more and more people tend to forget their importance. As a result, a lot of changes are happening around us such as climate change, extinction of animals, big floods, landslides and more.

Although government bodies from all over the world are trying their best to save Mother Nature, a lot of people still neglect to listen and do what is right. Only a few would care and do actions to help clean our environment such as those people who created innovations to help clean our oceans. We cannot deny the fact that we are not only facing major problem on air pollution but also on the cleanliness or our oceans.

Numerous news is coming out about fishes dying because of the plastic being thrown, fishermen who use dynamite to catch fishes, factories who spill oil and more. To help solve this problem or reduce pollution in waters, people created various inventions to help clean our oceans and remove waste from it.

The Drifting V-shaped

  • An idea generated by a high school student who is highly concerned about saving the ocean and cleaning places that have a large garbage patch. This student created the blueprint of it which was presented and approved to be created by the Ocean Cleanup. This system is designed to use the current of water on the ocean to collect all trash and be brought to land.

The Surfer’s SeaBin

  • It was thought by 2 Australian surfers to help clean the ocean. An invention designed for surfers to use whenever they are surfing in the water. It can suck up trash at the same time filter the waters. What’s more, it has the ability to clean oil in the water particularly to those parts which are affected by great oil spills.

With great hope, we will be able to clean every plastic scattered in the ocean and filter our water so fishes can live safely and freely to their habitat.

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