How Your Environment Affect Your Productivity?

productivityIn a modern society, it has been like a natural for us to have a lot on our plate. As much as possible we would want to have our tasks done earlier to be able to show good performance and do not have a pile of work that may cause stress and heavy pressure. Regardless of the job you do, may it be a wildlife photographer or a 9-5 office worker, we have to make sure that despite the busy schedule we are still able to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.

Did you know that being healthy is not only a result of having balanced diet and exercise but can also be a result of having a good working environment? How? Let me tell you.

How Environment Affects Your Productivity | How To Create a Productive Working Environment

Effects of music

Although not everybody is a fan of music while at work, there are still others who think listening to music while at work is really helpful because of the benefit it brings. When a person listens to music while working, it entertains them and makes them forget about the stress and pressure they are going through. It helps them enjoy more the things they do and makes them feel more energy. Furthermore, it makes them feel good mood that no matter how bad their day could be they are still able to manage everything and end it right. Get to enjoy music. Read 14 Best Earbuds Under 50 In 2018 from Expert’s Review to get the best earbuds to enjoy all the music you love.

Having good lighting condition

As the study has proven, people who get enough sunlight or experiences natural daylight are more likely to have a better mood and are healthier which can result in higher productivity. In this way, you are able to retain and regulate your mood which will affect your performance at work. In addition, natural daylight plays an essential role in our metabolism which gives a big impact on how our bodies store and use the food we eat.

Color Preference

As we all know colors have always given meaning to the way how we feel or the mood that we have. For instance, dull and boring colors make us feel sad or depressed while bright colors lighten up our mood. However, it sometimes actually depends on the gender of the person. A study shows, most men feel gloomy when they are in an orange or purple workspace while for girls depression normally comes from colors white, beige and grey. Thus, to brighten up the mood of both genders, yellow is the most preferred color for a workspace particularly for those who do creative work such as designing, developing, writing and more.



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