Australia’s Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Something required to be done therefore Griffiths chose to feed himself in an effort to save his blossoms. As destiny would have it, the plot worked and, as his feedings gained fame with the local bird population, word spread among the fledgling tourism industry in the region with people ‘flocking’ into the region to see Griffiths and his birds at feeding period.

Therefore, the Currumbin Bird Sanctuary was created and, from the mid-1950s, thanks in part to a National Geographic feature article compose in 1956) would eventually become the calling card for south east shore tourism together with  getting an iconic Steve Irwin of the period.

That would continue working tirelessly to obtain and safeguard the environment the refuge boundaries and in 1976, in a bid to guarantee little would change following his departure, talented the refuge into the National Trust of Queensland. Nineteen years later-with a wide range of native creatures already part of the mixture for a while –Griffiths’ bird refuge would be renamed the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

And for its first four decades of my time , these amounts meant very little to me personally. Four Decades of cruising across the Gold Coast Hwy and–such as a Parisian who steers clear of the Eiffel Tower or a Manhattanite that shuns the Empire State Building-without as much as a casual moment glimpse.

Just then would that inescapable first trip be thrust upon me. Suddenly the time came. The opportunity to place my blasé indifference apart and dutifully set the attention of my child andin my head, at least, to choose one to your group and just go.  From our very first family train ride collectively that lit up Kaia’s head and set the tone for so far to follow along, the park has become more than the mere sum of its components.

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